Water Resources Council

The Water Resources Council, WRC, was established in May 2002 to foster cooperation among council members and coordination of the member’s activities in the watershed as they attempt to fulfill their missions relating to ground and surface water resources.  The Council is a voluntary group, comprised of all private organization and federal, state and local agencies working on water supply quantity and quality issues in the watershed.  The primary goal of the council is to develop and maintain a comprehensive water resources plan for the watershed under the auspices of the Duck River Agency and within the statutory authority of the Agency.  All elements of the comprehensive plan shall contribute to the sustainability of abundant, clean ground and surface water in order to protect and enhance human health and welfare and the natural environment.  Elements of the plan may be implemented over time by council members or others acting collectively or individually.  Current Membership includes: 

Marshall County Board of Public Utilities

Other agencies, private organizations or individuals who may be identified from time to time as having official responsibilities or interests and activities which coincide with the goals and objectives of the Council may also be eligible for membership.

The Duck River Agency

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